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I’m Marian Stallings, and I am seeking to be your next County Clerk! I am a conservative Republican.  When I registered to vote in my 20s, I was asked how I wanted to register. I wanted to make a difference with my vote, so I was told there were 2 options, Democrat and Republican.  I asked which one I should pick and was told that it was my decision and that we currently were under Democratic rule in Chicago. The only thing I remembered about Chicago Politics was people complaining about the Daley Machine, corrupt politics, how they have forgotten the people, and how they corrupted this state into bankruptcy. So, I became a Republican because of the values I share with the party, the party of Abraham Lincoln. 

Around 8 years ago, I found my way to the Quad Cities. I found the Republicans of Rock Island County Headquarters and offered my services as a volunteer. They put me to work as an office volunteer and a poll watcher.  I then discovered the Republican Women of Rock Island County, where I became involved and was elected Treasurer for 2 terms.  I was able to raise a substantial amount of revenue for the RWRIC and when COVID-19 hit those funds, carried us through those 2 years of uncertainty.  Furthermore, I am proud of that accomplishment as that was the first time I took on an endeavor such as that, and it was very successful. It was an honor to work with my fellow Republicans to make a difference!

I have found politics to be a little wanting in terms of integrity and participation. There are a few things I have observed as a Precinct Committee Person and a poll watcher that I find disturbing, and it prompted me to get more involved and run for County Clerk. I am going to restore integrity and confidence in our voting process.  I find it unnerving that they can electronically transmit voting results, which is against the law! No voting information is allowed to be transmitted over the internet; yet we do it in every election.  We also have issues with the voting machines, which are rarely used because people do not trust them. There is no reason why we should use machines instead of paper in the early voting process.  It is unnecessary!

On election day, those machines are rarely used, but they are the only option in early voting which suppresses the most trusted option from the early voter. I’m going to make sure that paper ballots are available for early voting.  I’m going to restore confidence in the abilities of the employees of the County Clerk’s office. It is quite disturbing to ask questions about the voting process or the filling out of documention and get a non-answer. Every employee behind the counter should know how to fill out the documentation they are asked to supply to the voters; and they should know the answers to all the questions about poll watching and judging. Cross training will be one of my top priorities.

I look forward to becoming your County Clerk.

We have work to do. Thank you.


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